Government Polytechnic College Perinthalmanna

Grievance Redressal System

One Platform Where You Can Register Your Grievances

For Students | Parants | Staffs

Why we use Online Grievances Redressal System?

Everyone Can Register

This portal is made for Students, Parents and Staffs. That means Every member related to our college can Register and Submit their Grievances without hassle

Always available

Every user can send grievances any time since our servers are working 24x7. 

Easy Follow Up

For Posted Grievances users can view and check the status every time in their Dashboard

Easy Profile Management

For a registered user, Personal profiles can be updated for better understanding in the Grievances proccessing. Each user will have separate profiles and values according to thier catogary like Student, Parent or Staff.


After every grievance submission, the authorized committe members/staffs will be notified immediatly. Thus making the actions and solution faster.

Privacy First

Every posts and data sent through the portal will only accessible to the staffs assigned for it. It also ensures the privacy of the user.